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    Panel Reviews Policy Allowing Guns in State Capitol

    In the first of two committee hearings, the Advisory Committee on Capitol Area Security began review of a state law allowing permit holders to carry guns in ...

    Senator Jeremy Miller praised for work on higher education bill


    Medical Marijuana

    Senator Scott Dibble, DFL-Minneapolis, explains his bill to authorize the sale and use of marijuana for medical purposes.

    Capitol Report: Creating a State Health Insurance Exchange

    Facing a March deadline, state legislators are moving intently to create a state health care insurance exchange, where Minnesotans would have an opportunity ...

    Working to Reduce Infant Deaths at Childcare Facilities

    Jerry Kerber, Inspector General at the Minnesota Department of Human Services, appeared before a key Senate committee today to outline steps the state can ta...

    Curbing Gun Violence by Treating Mental Health

    A bipartisan group of policymakers, including local law enforcement officials, advocate measures designed to better treat mental illness in order to curb vio...