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    Minnesota Legislature To Vote On Gay Marriage

    Minnesota Legislature scheduled a vote for Thursday to advance a bill recognizing same-sex marriage, potentially making it ...the 12th U.S. state to extend marriage ...

    Doug Lind on Minnesota Gun Legislation

    The Minnesota Legislature is avoiding gun control reforms. This commentary appears in the April 2013 edition of Democratic Visions.

    MN Legislature Update March 2013

    There are approximately 2 months left in the 2013 session of the Minnesota State Legislature. Over the next two months there is much work to be done, startin...

    Video: Minnesota Legislature begins first half of its 88th biennial session

    The Minnesota Legislature convened at noon Tuesday, Jan. 8. Among those sworn in were 62 new members in the DFL-controlled House and Senate. The Legislature ...

    MN Legislature Approves Disaster Relief In Special Session

    The Minnesota Legislature approved a disaster relief package that will send $4.7 million dollars to more than 18 Minnesota counties. The Senate voted unanimously to ...

    Venison Testing Bill Minnesota Legislature - Lakeland News at Ten - March 8,…

    No description available.