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    Fake outrage over Michelle Obama sans headscarf?

    Tracy Byrnes and Liz MacDonald don't care about First Lady forgoing headscarf in Saudi Arabia, but care deeply about GoDaddy Super Bowl ad

    "The Real Story II" Barack and Michelle Obama The Unholy Phony Couple

    "The Real Story II" Barack and Michelle Obama The Unholy Phony Couple, Hell Yes Barack Obama IS Gay, Michelle and Barack Never have had a real job, Jeremiah Wright Is ...

    First Lady Fights to Change School Lunch Programs

    Michelle Obama urges Congress to adopt healthy lunch guidelines and overhaul school lunch programs.

    Michelle Obama

    President Barack Obama is visited by his wife, Oprah, and Beyonce.

    More Michelle Obama FAKE LOVE at the White House - Right GOPigs


    Michelle Obama Chicago Gun Control Speech Fake Crying!


    The Obama Conspiracy - Fake Illuminati Family, Barry Soetoro Gay, Michelle Obama

    Obama Is Gay Michelle Obama a Man named Michael Joan Rivers The Obama Conspiracy Fake Illuminati Family Where Are The Pictures Of Michelle When She Was Pregnant ...

    Barack Obama wishes Michelle 'happy 20th anniversary' during presidential debate…

    The US president wishes his wife, Michelle, a happy 20th wedding anniversary during the live presidential debate with his Republican challenger Mitt Romney

    Michelle Obama's Fake Laugh, Marshawn Lynch Defines Beast Mode

    Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Thursday, December 11. Part 1 of 2.

    SNACKPOCALYPSE with Chloe Grace Moretz, Tyler Posey, and First Lady Michelle

    In a world where junk food is king, one girl dared to eat an apple a day. Starring Chloe Grace Moretz, Tyler Posey, and First Lady Michelle Obama.

    Michelle Obama: Doesn't Want to Disappoint U.S. Kids

    Robin Roberts talks with the first lady about her "Let's Move" campaign and Sasha and Malia.

    Michelle Obama - such a fake! Right GOP'ers? (Greedy Old Pigs)


    Michelle Obama = Michael Obama (First Drag Queen of the U.S.)

    YouTube deleted this video already once, so HERE IT IS AGAIN! Michelle Obama is a MAN.

    Michelle Obama Admits Barack Hussein Obama's Home Country is Kenya


    Fake Sign Langauge Guy with Obama and Selfie

    Fake Sign language guy standing behind Obama at Nelson Mandela Funeral. Obama taking Selfie with Denmark Prime minister

    Michelle Obama's Inauguration Fashion

    Tanya Rivero discusses the first lady's fashion choices on president's big day.

    Michelle Obama Embroiled In GMO Hoax Scandal

    Fake news can be used to bait the public into running with a contrived narrative. It is always a safe bet to check your sources, and their claims. Stay in th...

    Gabi Grecko slides across aisle on chair in bizarre shop stunt

    First Lady Michelle Obama appears bald on US TV show Jeopardy, in which she takes part in a food quiz with contestants having to guess the missing minerals!

    Michelle Obama Steps Out

    first lady michelle obama steps out from the white house to speak at the u.s. department of education.

    Michelle Obama's 'Bald' Hairdo on 'Jeopardy' Raises Questions

    The First Lady's slicked back hair during a taped "Jeopardy" segment set off social media speculation that she was going bald.