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    Michelle Obama's Hair: What's with the Bangs!? -- Inauguration 2013

    Michelle Obama is sporting some new bangs for the Presidential Inauguration... but one's gotta ask -- is she REALLY pulling off the new look?

    More Michelle Obama FAKE LOVE at the White House - Right GOPigs


    Michelle Obama Chicago Gun Control Speech Fake Crying!


    Joan Rivers Michelle Obama is transgender

    Joan Rivers Calls Obama Gay And Michelle A Transgender, Is Michelle A Tranny, I told you Obama Was Gat Damit [povezava=http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/joan ...

    Michelle Obama 2 million Fake Followers, Nancy Pelosi Is Going To HELL!

    9/24/2013 my take on a few of the top stories http://dailycaller.com/2013/09/24/michelle-obama-has-nearly-2-million-fake-twitter-followers/ http://www.washin...

    Michelle Obama's Inauguration Fashion

    Tanya Rivero discusses the first lady's fashion choices on president's big day.

    Michelle Obama - such a fake! Right GOP'ers? (Greedy Old Pigs)


    Michelle Obama Embroiled In GMO Hoax Scandal

    Fake news can be used to bait the public into running with a contrived narrative. It is always a safe bet to check your sources, and their claims. http://www...

    Barack Obama Michelle Obama Sex Tape --- Yes In Bed Hot Naked Nude President…

    Even Bill Clinton gets in on the action with other presidents chiming their opinions as well. Voyeur action peeping toms even! Barack Obama Michelle Obama Se...

    The Obama's are Getting a Divorce! The Public Reacts to This (Fake) News, Not…

    People react to the (fake) news of the Obama divorce (that happened two weeks ago) without realizing the interviewer is trolling them (while wearing a troll ...

    False Flags, Fake Blood, and Michelle Obama: A Guide to the Boston Marathon…

    Forget everything you thought you knew about the Boston bombings. The real story behind the attack involves a world-spanning conspiracy of Michelle Obama, a network ...

    First Lady Michelle Obama Hits Obama

    First lady Michelle Obama hits President Obama on head with flower pot. Obama, Michelle Obama First lady Obama's wife not pleased with salsa president dancin...

    Michelle Obama - Fuck Everyone


    Obama's Divorcing (Fake): People react

    Watch Free Online Obama's Divorcing (Fake): People react Videos, movie trailers on In.com. Watch Free Online latest Obama's Divorcing (Fake): People react videos ...

    Fox News Reports Barry Soetoro's Manufactured Past; Michelle Obama's DNC Lies

    Fox News Reports Barry Soetoro's Manufactured Past; Michelle Obama's DNC Lies - 9/20/2012 - http://www.BirtherReport.com


    The quality is fucking terrible. I re-uploaded this yesterday in 1080p but the fucking video wouldn't load. -_- Screw YT.

    Obama Blackmailed by the Clintons

    Michelle Obama admits Kenya is Barack Obama's Home Country http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gki7vu9Drts The establishment media hastily seized on yesterday's e...

    Pastor Manning - We have been ruled by 'Fake President' called barack obama a…

    Pastor Manning - We have been ruled by 'Fake President' called barack obama a liar brought evil spirits and demons to shame our republic

    Michelle Obama - Kenya is Obama's Home Country...

    Michelle Obama - Kenya is Obama's Country.... I was born in the USA this would be my home country. Get Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Sheriff's Kit at http://wobc2.com...

    Obama & Hilary Clinton Campaign Found Guilty Of Fraud!

    After a long 4 year battle the Obama and Hilary campaigns have been found guilty of producing false petitions to be allowed in to the primary!